On May 9th, 2016, one of their representatives came to my door asking if I had trouble with pests such as wasps or spiders.  I told him there is no soliciting, and that he can see the sign posted on the path before coming to the door.  He said he wasn't soliciting because his title is not "sales person".  I told him he was soliciting services.  Since he was being dishonest with me, it gave me a bad opinion of the company.  I went to their website and immediately got an annoying pop-up window to chat with Rebecca, when I was just trying to look at their site.  So I decided to use it and mentioned that their employee ignores "no soliciting" signs.  The response back was that I can receive assistance with my account by calling their phone number and giving them my account number, which means I was chatting with nobody.  If they aren't honest from the start, I certainly wouldn't trust them with poisons and chemicals around my home. 

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